Mind Set Solutions

While ten years ago, discussing “mindsets” (or “beliefs and assumptions”)  in the workplace was rare, today's organizations understand that individual and collective mindsets create the lens through which direction is established, decisions are made, employees and customers are treated, problems are solved, new talent is hired or promoted, rewards are given and far more.  The “organizational mind set” impacts every aspect of your organization’s culture, and thus is at the very center of the Denison Culture Map.  Diving into the realms of mindsets, beliefs and assumptions is the highest leverage work that a leader, organization or team can do, as these directly drive behaviors that either support forward movement or hinder progress.

Customized CSG services include:      

  •  Exploration and Identification Of Limiting Beliefs, Assumptions and Mindsets at the Individual and Team Levels
  •  Identification of Optimal and Desired Mindsets To Move Forward at the Individual, Team and Cross-Functional Levels
  • Tools, Methods and Techniques For Shifting Mindsets, Beliefs and Assumptions To Drive New Behaviors And Habits At The Individual, Team and Cross-Functional Levels
  • Utilization of current neuroscience and brain mapping research, models and tools to proactively establish desired and optimal thought patterns and mindsets.

TARGETED DENISON QUADRANT:  Beliefs & Assumptions – The Center of the Denison Culture Model

Credit: Daniel R. Denison, Ph.D. & William S. Neale, M.A.