Human Resources Consulting Services

Human Resources now plays a key, strategic role at the 'C-suite' level and supports the full organization in its forward movement.  HR is no longer purely an administrative- or personnel-oriented role - but ensures strategic alignment of human systems and resources to support and accelerate the desired culture and business direction. Our HR Specialists partner with our clients to create and implement the critical processes, tools, policies and systems necessary for optimized business performance and employee engagement.

Customized CSG HR Consulting Services include: 

  • Recruitment and Hiring 
  • Performance Management, Performance Appraisal Process, Performance Goal Setting and Action Planning
  • Talent Optimization, Development and Alignment
  • Training Assessment, Development and Facilitation
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Integration of Organizational Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR) Initiatives
  • Compensation Review and Strategy 
  • Legal Compliance
  • Succession Planning, Career Pathing
  • Employee Relations 
  • Transition Coaching and Support (For Retiring And Outplaced Personnel)
  • Union Relations 
  • and More...

When Engaging the CSG's HR Consulting Team, You Benefit From:

Increase in bottom-line performance – By improving employee performance and developing an intentional culture of performance and success, we directly contribute to increases in business bottom-line performance of our clients.

Customized approach – Each client is unique.  The CSG team use their knowledge and experience to provide the foundational elements; then they customize the services based on their understanding of the individual client and its specific needs. 

One primary contact – Your CSG team member will provide consistent attention, knowledge of individual employees and understanding of individual histories in order to effectively solve personnel issues as they arise.

A team of specialists – We provide the expertise you need to address all of your human resources needs.  In addition to Chris Moffet, our principal and founder, our team includes human resources professionals, each with 10+ years of experience, as well as human resource technicians to assist with the routine and administrative tasks, and an employment law attorney. 

Partnership – We are your strategic partner in any and all human resource issues and big-picture organizational goals.  We work closely with the appropriate individuals to enable your company’s success. 

Systems-analysis - We assist you in creating customized policies, processes and systems that reflect best practices for the entire company, including multiple locations, if needed. The work performed will be applicable to all of your locations and will be compliant in all of states in which you operate.

Behavior-focused outcomes – We work with you to create goals and objectives that are never theoretical but are practical and directly affect bottom-line performance of the company.  Your people are your greatest assets and, if leveraged properly, create greater profitability and ultimate success of the company.

On-site visits when needed, including out-of-town locations.

In-house, customized training – We create and facilitate training covering a wide-variety of topics, including leadership, management/ supervisory skills, employment law, policies and procedures, human resource administration, guest service, and any other training as necessary.  If we don’t conduct the training ourselves, we will assist in finding appropriate vendors to complete the training as needed.

Broad range of experience - We bring extensive experience working in the hospitality, industrial, public-sector, banking, retail, and mountain-resort industries. We have worked with many organizations that have multiple locations and operate in multiple states, as well as overseas. We boast over 50 years’ combined experience working in human resources, training and development, recruiting, employee relations, benefits administration, compensation and culture development.

Labor relations experience – We have a track record of success in negotiations, decertification and avoiding union elections.


TARGETED DENISON QUADRANTS:  Involvement & Consistency 

Credit: Daniel R. Denison, Ph.D. & William S. Neale, M.A..