Breakthrough Leadership Forum Solution

Creating Breakthroughs in Leadership to Support Cultural Breakthroughs at all Levels of Your Organization

Culture Solutions Group (CSG) offers powerful personal and professional leadership development programs directly linking your company’s direction and culture development path with leadership requirements for success and sustainability in today’s (and tomorrow’s) organizations.  Components of these programs weave with the four quadrants of the Denison Culture Model, and also directly target the center of this model (Beliefs & Assumptions).  


Powerful Leadership Development for All Levels 

CSG’S ‘Breakthrough Leadership’ Forum promises to launch your leaders forward from whatever point on the development path they are starting,  and develop new levels of competency in the following areas:

Linking Your Organization’s Leadership (At All Levels) to the Organization’s Ongoing Culture Development:

  • Linking leadership competencies, approaches and commitments to your organization’s specific cultural challenges – as revealed in your culture assessment and action planning process
  • Implementing skill development within the context of your organization’s defined vision, strategies and values – to ensure focus and acceleration of this direction
  • Defining multi-Level Leadership Standards and Agreements that will support success in moving the organization’s culture forward
  • Understanding the role and impact of beliefs and assumptions on our day-to-day leadership behaviors
  • Defining (and bringing to life) your organization’s core values in behavioral terms

Distinguishing Management from Leadership:

  • Identifying the differences between management and leadership (both important for organizational effectiveness, yet both very different functions)
  • Instilling the expectation at all levels that ultimately, “All will not manage, but all must lead”
  • Recognizing that on a daily basis, each employee has the opportunity to align and motivate their co-workers (and their boss) - and to contribute to the ultimate success of the organization
  • Understanding and applying the notion of “upward, outward and downward leadership”

Creating Effective Partnerships:

  • Playing “win-win” – finding middle ground and healthy ways to build a common bridge to the future
  • Getting to “yes” – and moving past ‘compliance’ to true ‘commitment’ throughout the full organization
  • Creating a “we” out of “you vs. me” and “us vs. them” – moving past silos and turf battles to a shared identity and purpose

Understanding “Style” Differences Communicating with Impact:

  • Speaking others’ languages – so each employee can ‘hear’ their peers, their boss and other stakeholders - and also be ‘heard’ by them
  • Leveraging diversity of styles for top results
  • Learning the importance of “influence” (and 360 degree influence)

Leadership Self Awareness:

  • Discovering that this is NOT soft stuff- in fact, it is the hardest stuff one will ever do
  • Identifying one’s natural (and learned) approach to leadership – and linking it with desired leadership results. (Psssst. Turn around are people really following you?)

Increased Self Leadership & Responsibility:

  • Understanding and learning to apply the concept of ‘self-regulation’ each and every day
  • Experiencing ways to expand the personal ‘comfort zone’ – and ultimately grow one’s personal comfort zone to achieve goals never before thought possible
  • Learning to make responsible choices
  • Discovering how to take personal ownership of a problem
  • Creating the organization that both managers and employees desire to be a part of
  • Potent Multi-Level Leadership Development For Senior Managers To Front Line Employees
  • Self-Leadership and Personal Responsibility
  • Personal Commitment and Accountability
  • Empowerment Of Self and Others
  • Breaking Through Victim and Entitlement Mentalities
  • Limiting and Optimal Beliefs and Mindsets
  • Partnership Development
  • Personality Styles – Building Bridges Across Different Styles
  • Effective Communication Skills
  •  Diversity Optimization And Inclusion Methods

TARGETED DENISON QUADRANTS:  Involvement & Consistency 

Credit: Daniel R. Denison, Ph.D. & William S. Neale, M.A.