The Four Aspects of a Successful Culture: 
C-Suite Interviews (The CEO Corner – 
www.theceocorner.com; John Janclaes) 

Dr. Caroline Fisher of Culture Solutions Group speaks with BIGCast host John Janclaes about the links between culture, leadership and the bottom line. Dr. Fisher details her 25-year professional journey in studying culture and explores how awareness for the concept has grown into a game changing opportunity for business.

In this Episode:  

  • Learn how culture and leadership are two sides of the same coin.
  • Fisher details how well-defined goals aid the growth of a healthy culture
  • The need to cultivate leaders at all levels of the organization in order to drive progress
  • Learn about the four aspects of culture that must be present to drive desired performance.
  • Explore how the Dennison Culture Survey allows you to assess and quantify the four aspects of culture in order to impact the bottom line.
  • Climate versus Culture: What are the differences?
  • John and Caroline discuss how to prepare as a leader in this increasingly disruptive environment

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