Culture Assessment Solutions

A sixty-item culture assessment allows you to quickly take a snapshot of your culture at the organization wide, division, department, team and functional levels.  This assessment is customized to meet your unique organization’s needs with additional scaled and verbatim/text questions offered.  The standard assessment is now translated into over 40 languages as well.

Customized CSG services include:

  • Organizational Culture Survey (via Denison Culture Survey)
  • Organizational & Team Culture Snapshot (via interviews, focus groups and action observation)
  • Culture Pulse Surveys (monitoring and measuring culture progress and change)
  • Culture Survey Debrief & Results Interpretation (within the context of your organization’s desired direction, vision/mission, strategies, goals and performance metrics)
  • Multi-level Engagement Sessions (to interpret culture survey results and invite/create culture engagement at all levels of your organization)
  • Culture Survey Results Application & Action Planning (from the top team to front lines – to ensure targeted culture action steps and accountabilities for both organization-wide and subculture change)

Credit: Daniel R. Denison, Ph.D. & William S. Neale, M.A.