Your Leadership Self-Assessment

How strong are you as a leader? Do you display leadership traits that will competently guide your people forward and achieve the results you desire? Or are your leadership skills and behaviors getting in the way of your performance and that of your people? The following self-assessment gives you a glimpse of a few essential leadership competencies required for building a strong business culture and success for your organization.self-


  1. As a leader, give yourself a score on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the following questions:
    (1 = Strongly Disagree; 5 = Strongly Agree)
  2. Answer each question based on the way you think your direct reports, co-workers, and/or boss would respond.
  3. Remember, individuals in other levels and functions might have a slightly different view. Be as truthful and objective as possible. You might want to get some feedback from others prior to giving your final rating of yourself.
  4. Add your scores in each section to obtain your score for each leadership factor and your diagnosis on the grid below. Then, refer to the possible Solutions provided by Culture Solutions Group.
  1. 1 = Strongly Disagree
  2. 2 = Disagree
  3. 3 = Neutral
  4. 4 = Agree
  5. 5 = Strongly Agree


Ensures Alignment of Vision, Strategies & Goalss
Helps create a shared vision for the future of this organization.
Translates the vision into reality in a way that helps guide individual action through strategies, goals and measurements.
Regularly measures progress on stated strategies/goals.
Engages others in ways that ensure buy-in and commitment.


Creates Meaningful Involvement At All Levels
Ensures that employees at all levels hold ‘line of sight’ from their roles/jobs to the strategies/goals of the organization.
Develops the skills of employees at all levels are developed to ensure continual growth and capacity building.
Develops departmental teams to work effectively by bringing out the strengths individual of team members.
Creates an environment where everyone knows that his/her efforts make a difference.


Facilitates Adaptability
Keeps the organization informed regarding the desires of our customers/marketplace.
Helps the organization balance the desires of our customers (reactivity) with our vision, strategies and goals (proactivity).
Supports strategic change that aligns with our vision, strategies and goals.
Utilizes mistakes as opportunities for the organization’s learning/improvement.


Creates Consistency
Is a role model for the organization’s core values.
Uses our core values to coach and guide the behavior of employees.
When disagreement/conflict occurs, works to resolve the dispute in a healthy manner to move forward.
Work effectively across departmental/unit boundaries in order to facilitate achievement of cross-functional goals/results.

For each of the above culture traits...

If you had a score of... Your cultural diagnosis is...
4 - 7

Your leadership skills are in bad shape. Your current leadership competency is most likely hindering your business performance – and perhaps seriously threatening the health of your organization. Identify those leadership areas that will help support business culture – and ultimately the results - you are seeking. Immediately focus on moving the needle within those leadership areas via coaching, training, personal growth, reading and other mechanisms.

8 - 11

Things are touch and go for you as a leader of your people and your organization. While you have some leadership competency, this has probably occurred by accident rather than through targeted leadership skill development. Continued development in targeted areas will be required to create a healthy, strong and sustainable business for a changing world.

12 - 16

You clearly have some important leadership strengths – which you have either consciously developed or have naturally brought to the role. Those strengths will serve as your resource and support as you target your leadership weaknesses going forward.

17 - 20

Congratulations. You are standing on a strong foundation of leadership competency. This strength is helping –and will continue to help – build the kind of business culture required for sustained success. The question now becomes, is your leadership strength in precisely the areas which will drive the performance you are seeking – for both the short term and long term? If not, focus on building strength in those areas which drive your desired performance. Also, remember, your continual attention to leadership competency will be required to sustain this level of strength and effectiveness going forward.

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