Human Resources Tools

Small- to medium-sized companies often do not have the capital or budget to buy internal tools, systems or processes needed for effective HR administration. We provide some of these tools, systems and products that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive for your organization. Because we do the research, we do the due diligence, we keep up-to-date on newest trends in the field and we do the fee negotiations, you are able to utilize the most advanced, current and effective HR tools at reasonable rates.

Specific Tools Available to Our Clients Include:

  • Background Checks
  • Online Reference Checking
  • Compensation and Benefits Surveys
  • Online or In-Person Training Programs
  • Personality Profiles for pre-employment screening, individual coaching or team building
  • Pre-employment Skills Testing
  • Leadership Assessment tools for promotions, executive coaching or new leader/manager hiring
  • Benefit Surveys to find out what your employees really want and need
  • Culture Assessment/ Survey
  • and More...