Conference Presentations

The Culture Solutions Group team is invited to speak regularly at conferences around the world with a focus on organizational culture and its importance for business performance.  The following are specific topics delivered in the context of keynotes, presentations, college courses and workshops.  Materials are available upon request. 

If you are interested in bringing Caroline Fisher, Chris Moffet or any of our CSG team to your upcoming conference, let us know.

If you are interested in having Caroline Fisher, Chris Moffet or any member of the Culture Solutions Group team support your upcoming conference, don't hesitate to let us know.  Contact Culture Solutions Group at (970) 390-9420, or (970) 471-4474,

The Following Are Some of Our Presentations by Topic:

Organizational Culture Presentations

Colorado Rural Electric Association - Denver, CO. "Like it or Not...Culture Matters: Organizational Culture & Its Importance for Your Cooperative"

University of Denver, Class Session - Denver, CO. "Bringing Corporate Culture to Life: The Basics of Organizational Culture - and Why It Matters More than Anything!"

University of Denver, Department of Management: Policy and Strategy, Dr. Peter (Jeff) Bowen - Denver, CO.  "Like it or Not... Culture Matters: Linking Corporate Culture to Strategy, Policy and Bottom Line Business Performance"

In conjunction with Linkage Inc. - Chicago, IL.  "Organizational Culture & Change: Driving Performance With State-Of-The-Art Tools"

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Keynote Presentation - Madison, WI. "In  Times of Trouble: How Your Organization's Culture Will Either Help or  Hinder Performance, Resilience and Sustainability In Today's Economy  (And...What All This Means For HR/OD Professionals!)"

University of Denver, Keynote Presentation - Denver, CO.  "You Be The Judge! Our Very Own Culture Survey Reality Show! Linking Culture Data to Real Life Business Issues"

Women In Leadership Presentations

Peak-to-Peak Annual Conference - Golden, CO.  "Women Taking the Lead in the 21st Century - Women's Path to Leadership in Today's World"

Peaks Foundation - Golden, CO.  "Navigating Life: Women Taking the Lead in the 21st Century"

PEO, Chapter GK - Fresno, CA.  "Women Taking the Lead in the 21st Century" (Second Part of a Two-Part Series: "The Influence of Woman in Business Today: The Dawn of Women in Corporate Leadership")

PEO, Annual Meeting - Fresno, CA.  "The Influence of Women in Business Today - The Dawn of Women in Corporate Leadership"


PEO, Chapter GK: Fresno, CA. "Inspiration, Possibilities, & Leadership in the High Himalaya: Lessons & Learning From Nepal"

LeadingAge Human Resources Conference - Burbank, CA."HR's Role in Building, Defining and Leading Organizational Culture"

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation: IBES - Tuscon,  AZ.  "Leading in Tough Times"

Linkage International - Boston, MA.  "Organizational Culture and Change: A Workshop on Culture Change and Leadership Development"

Touchstone Energy Challenge - Fort Dodge, IA.  "Choose to Lead...the Art of Multi-Level Leadership"

Managing Change Presentations

Colorado Human Resources Association (CHRA) Annual Conference - Denver, CO.  "Corporate Culture & Change: Understanding the Mysteries and Challenges of 'Change' in Today's Organizations - and Unlocking 'Change Friendliness' within the Culture of Your Company"

Get Smart Schools - Denver, CO.  "Leading and Managing Change in Education: Perspectives and Tools for Today's Leaders"

Global Heathcare Exchange (GHX) Customer Summit - Orlando, FL.  "Implementing Change in Your Environment"

Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP) - Dallas, TX.  "Creating Change through Leadership Development"

Linkage OD Summit - Chicago IL.  "Corporate Culture and the Wide Range of Tools, Methods and Philosophies: What is a Manager to Do?  An Exploration of Options and Choices for Moving Organizational Culture Forward"

Culture Assessment Presentations

Denison Best Practices Forum - Del Rey Beach, FL.  "Introduction to the Denison Model & Tools"

Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, OH.  "Measuring Designing and Developing an Organization Culture"

Strategic Development Presentations

Team Resources, Inc, Misión GTH - Houston, TX.  "Building High-Performance Organizations: Impacting Business Strategy & Corporate Performance through Organizational Culture"

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation Forum: New Decade, New Opportunities: Building Bridges in the City by the Bay - San Francisco, CA.  "CEO Succession Planning: Building the Bridge to Your Cooperative's Future"

Sustainability Presentations

University of Denver, Executive Management Lecture Series - Denver, CO.  "Organizational Culture & Corporate Performance...Using Culture to Drive Organizational Performance & Sustainability!"

Culture and Human Resources Practices 

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation Independent Borrowers Executive Summit - San Diego, CA.  "Building a High-Performance Workplace through Culture & Rewards: Weaving Together Organizational Culture and Compensation Practices for Success & Sustainability"

The Summit on Compensation and Rewards: A Symposium with Leading  Experts on Utility Management, Compensation and Rewards - Spokane, WA.  "Culture and Workforce Sustainability:  Using (Your) Organization's Culture to Support and Enhance (Your)  Recruitment, Retention and Compensation Success"

Human Resources Forum, Europe - Genoa, Italy. "Top Team Management: How to Hold onto Your "A" Team"

Colorado Mountain College, Business Management Course: "Employment Law: What managers need to know."

Customer Service and Satisfaction

TSE Member Satisfaction Summit - Raleigh, NC.  "The Importance of Culture: How Organizational Culture (Really Does) Impact Customer Satisfaction!"

The Role of Boards

Changing the Game Forum - Beaver Creek, CO.  "The Role of Boards of Directors in Shaping Corporate Culture"


Denison Forum - Boca Raton, FL. "Making the Merger Work: Stories of the Merger Integration Challenge"

Cordillera Culture and Change Conference - Edwards, CO.  "Mergers and Corporate Culture"