Your Culture Self-Assessment

How strong and healthy is your business culture?  Does the culture of your business support the results you want?  Will your cultural infrastructure ensure success going forward? Or will it serve as a barrier to performance?  The following self-assessment will help you better understand your organization’s cultural strengths and weaknesses – strengths which are serving your desired results; weaknesses which are eroding effectiveness and performance. 


  1. Give your organization a score on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the following questions:
    (1 = Strongly Disagree; 5 = Strongly Agree)
  2. Answer each question based on how you think the people in your organization would respond. Remember, your view of your organization’s culture is probably different than that of individuals in other levels and functions. Step back and be as objective as possible.
  3. Add your scores in each section to obtain your score for each culture factor and your diagnosis on the grid below. Then, refer to the possible Solutions provided by Culture Solutions Group.
  1. 1 = Strongly Disagree
  2. 2 = Disagree
  3. 3 = Neutral
  4. 4 = Agree
  5. 5 = Strongly Agree


Alignment of Vision, Strategy & Goals
We have a shared vision for the future of this organization.
Our shared vision creates inspiration for employees at all levels.
Our shared vision is aligned with the strategies/goals throughout this organization.
We regularly measure progress made on our strategies/goals/performance targets.


Meaningful Involvement At All Levels
Employees at all levels hold 'line of sight' from their roles/jobs to the strategies/goals of the organization.
The skills of employees at all levels are developed to ensure continual growth and capacity building.
Employees are empowered to take ownership of their goals/contributions.
Our departmental teams work effectively by bringing out the strengths individual of team members.


We listen closely to the desires of our customers/marketplace.
We effectively balance the desires of our customers (reactivity) with our vision, strategies and goals (proactivity).
We work together to implement strategic change that aligns with our vision, strategies and goals.
We view mistakes as opportunities for learning/improvement.


Our core values tangibly guide the behavior of employees at all levels of the organization.
Management behavior provides a living example of our desired core values.
When disagreement/conflict occurs, we capably resolve the dispute to move forward.
Departments and work units work effectively across boundaries (silos) to achieve cross-functional goals/results.

For each of the above culture traits...

If you had a score of... Your cultural diagnosis is...
4 - 7

Your organization's cultural infrastructure is crumbling. Most likely your business performance is being hindered - and perhaps seriously threatened - by weaknesses in these cultural areas. Define your business performance targets and immediately focus on moving the needle within those cultural areas driving those goals.

8 - 11

While your organization has some cultural strength, this has probably occurred by accident rather than through targeted cultural development. Continued cultural work in targeted areas will be required to create a healthy, strong and sustainable business for a changing world.

12 - 16

Your organization clearly has some important cultural strengths - which you have either consciously developed or have naturally directed. Those strengths will serve as your resource and support as you target your culturally weak areas going forward.

17 - 20

Congratulations! Your business is standing on a strong foundation of cultural strength. The question now becomes, is your cultural strength in precisely the areas which will drive the performance you are seeking - for both the short term and long term? If not, focus on building strength in those areas which drive your desired performance. Also, remember, your continual attention to culture will be required to sustain this health and strength going forward.

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