Human Resources Support

The world of Employment Law, Compliance and Human Resources can be fraught with hazards.  There are many aspects to stay on top of in order to maintain compliance, not to mention the daily tasks of HR dministration. The constant changes in laws and processes makes implementing Best Practices for your organization challenging. For the small- to medium-sized companies that aren't quite big enough to have a full-time, dedicated Human Resource Director, we offer a highly-experienced team of HR professionals to provide the basic functions of an HR Director, without adding FTE's and benefits costs to your bottomline.  Our HR experts are there for you in any capacity you need.

We Can Help You With: 

Compliance and General Administration:

  • Employee File Set Up and Maintenance
  • I-9 Form Completion and Filing
  • Employee Handbook
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) - Payroll policies and practices as well as Payroll Administration
  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) and other leave management
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and reporting
  • Workers Compensation procedures and Risk Management
  • Local, state-specific and national employment law compliance

Recruiting and Hiring:

  • Review, revise or create job descriptions
  • Create job postings
  • Identify best recruiting venues/ resources
  • Post job ads
  • Pre-screen resumes
  • Conduct screening interviews
  • Conduct full interviews
  • Identify and work with recruiters
  • Negotiate salary
  • Create offer letters
  • Create compensation guidelines, based on national and local comparable surveys and compensation analysis
  • Ensure all hiring managers are trained in effective interviewing skills
  • Develop job profile/model for critical positions
  • Employ pre-hire personality profile to identify applicants with best fit to job models/ profiles
  • Call references for potential new hires
  • Set up background checks

On-boarding/ New Employee Orientation:

  • Create new employee paperwork forms and files
  • Ensure paperwork is completed properly, including applications, I-9, benefit enrollment, and other important documents required for employment
  • Research and make recommendations for most appropriate HRIS system, with paperless new hire paperwork process, if desired
  • Identify best practices for on-boarding new employees
  • Work with leaders to create effective training and on-boarding process

Benefits Administration:
  • Annually review healthcare options and ACA compliance
  • Work with benefit administrator/broker to identify most cost-effective healthcare options and make recommendations for next benefit plan year
  • Review online enrollment and administration options and make recommendations
  • Assist in employee Open Enrollment process, ensuring employees are educated about their options and all changes to plans on annual basis
  • Assist with ongoing new enrollment as employees are hired and become eligible for benefits
  • Identify best method of COBRA administration and implement as appropriate


We can be YOUR personal HR Director, without the additional costs.  We provide high-level Human Resource experts to help you with all your HR needs and more.

Employee Training and Performance Development:

  • Help to identify training needs of employees and leaders, conduct training needs analysis
  • Develop customized training programs to meet needs of your organization
  • Facilitate or conduct training or individual coaching as needed/ appropriate
  • Identify best training options as needed
  • Create effective, job-related performance evaluation process, including performance review forms, process, timing and training for managers
  • Ensure performance appraisals are completed with development plan for each employee
  • Assist leaders in creating development plans, conduct training for managers
  • Based on job descriptions and strategic plan, identify Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) for each critical position with the company.  Develop succession paths, with required KSA’s for critical positions.
  • Coach executives and managers by assessing strengths and weaknesses in their leadership skills, developing goals to improve their skills, assisting them in implementing new skills, providing real-time feedback and on-going support.

  • Facilitate strategic planning process with your company’s leaders, including strategy, goals, vision and values
  • Assist in creating implementation plan and follow up with leaders
  • Identify organization’s staffing needs and assist in creating plan for meeting upcoming needs
  • Create succession plan strategy
  • Advise on optimal organizational structure and operations plan

Employee Relations
  • Assist leaders with employee performance problems
  • Advise on disciplinary issues, help facilitate disciplinary meetings
  • Advise on terminations, help facilitate termination meetings
  • Train leaders on giving feedback, coaching and holding employees accountable
  • Identify best process for handling unemployment claims; Assist with responses to unemployment claims and hearings as needed
  • Investigate and address all internal employee harassment complaints, EEOC claims and legal complaints
  • Assist in handling employee complaints and questions
  • Provide on-going assistance, guidance and support of managers/ leaders as needed


Helping you navigate the legal waters. Keeping the "sharks" at bay.