Laurie Nusbaum

HR Specialist

[email protected]

Laurie has dedicated her career to assisting organizations as they work to define and develop a great work environment where individuals and teams thrive. She is particularly focused on ensuring systems and programs are aligned to, represent and strengthen an organization’s culture, and that the practices put into play demonstrate a true commitment to core values and individual growth. 

Laurie has worked both internally, and externally as a consultant, across a wide spectrum of industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, agriculture, retail and hospitality. Internally, she has served as Director of HR, Director of Learning and Development, and most recently, “Chief People Person.” As a consultant, Laurie has worked in these and other industries helping her clients to develop and nurture wellness and authenticity within their walls.

On the organizational side Laurie works with HR, OD and Learning and Development functions, helping her clients to translate their goals into policies, processes, and initiatives, and build the roadmaps and relationships that will ensure their success. She follows the same process with individuals, as they discover who they want to be, where they want to go, and what they need to do to fulfill their aspirations.

Laurie is happy to work at the strategic level, and also to provide assistance in the nuts and bolts of an HR/OD/L&D function, as that is “where the rubber meets the road!”